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How to ice a Cake

How to ice a cake – even though you may think it is easy, if you have never baked before, or your technique needs to look more perfect, watch a tutorial for a smoother than smooth icing before you decorate your cake.

For beautifully smooth icing and to make your cake look professional before you decorate it, we have attached Jane Asher’s simple cake icing tutorial. For a professional and even roll you will need a regal ice, a floured surface and make sure you pre cover your cake lightly with butter cream icing so the fondant icing will stick to your cake.  Smooth your cake out with paddles, these can be bought for a small price and last years, great to get that smoother than smooth touch!

Last but not least decorate your Cake with our wonderful cake toppers, these can be cake bunting, toppers, cake initials, borders or both!


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