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World Best Mum Cupcake toppers


World Best Mum Cupcake toppers


World Best Mum Cupcake toppers

Stunning Special Mum Cupcake Toppers – a stunning blue, shabby chic World Best Mum Cupcake toppers, ornate design hearts blues and red, gorgeous! these really do compliment each other when the bake is decorated!

Product info

  • Precut
  • Superior Quality Rice Paper
  • Choose between 12,24 or 36, or cake sizes cupcake toppers, fondant or deco.

World Best Mum Cupcake toppers

Product info

  • Pre cut
  • Superior Quality Rice Paper
  • Personalise with a name or occasion of your choice
  • Choose between 12, 24 or 36 cupcake toppers, superior rice paper (both edible)/li>

To Order

Please select the amount required from the drop down box.

For a larger quantity please contact us for a price. You won’t believe how great these make your bakes, be it cupcakes, cakepops or other sweet treats!

Have an event, occasion or even your own cupcake shop & you want to add a great personalised finishing touch? Need the actual cupcakes too? contact us we do bulk cupcake toppers and we can do the cupcake as a unit!


Sometimes known as Rice Paper, Wafer Paper is, in fact, made from Potato Starch, Vegetable Oil and Water. Mainly used for cupcake toppers, this edible paper is best used over icing or marzipan.

Edible Wafer Paper has a shelf life of 12 months and will be made fresh to order.


This is real icing you can print. It is brilliant white and has the sweet taste you expect from real icing. It gives brilliant coloured images when printed and can be used on all cake toppings except whipped cream. After application to the cake, the icing sheet cures over time to give the hard, smooth texture associated with traditional icing. These are best on cakes they go stiff like icing and can be stood up or laid down,

Principal ingredients are Sugar and Dried Glucose Syrup. Edible Icing sheets have a shelf life of 12 months.

We would love for you to send a picture via tweet, instagram or email/ text on your event or once you’ve made them, with your christening cake toppers in the picture for our yummy gallery to help

inspire future purchasers!

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